One common question that I am asked is how much do you charge for a specific space or number of rooms. The answer to that question is ... I donít know. Well, I donít know right now. I have to see the carpet in person to give you an actuate quote. Even a video walk through would not give me enough information to give you an accurate quote. The quote is only good for that day as carpet soil load does change over time.

As a general guide the price in relationship to the size of carpet is less if there is a lot of carpet that is lightly soiled and the cleaning takes place in a few large spaces. The price in relationship to the size of carpet is higher if there is many small spaces that are heavily soiled. I try to not be the most expensive and I am not the least expensive.

If you are looking for a passionate carpet cleaner that is always looking to offer the best service and is a price / service appropriate business than I am the carpet cleaner for you.

I accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. Payment is collected after I am finished. Most of my clients are from direct refers from impressed existing clients. If you appreciate my services referring your friends and family would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan, Owner of Zip Pure