12 Step Cleaning Process

Multiple steps are the only way to go to give my clients the best carpet care. I use specifically 12 steps, here they are.

1. Accurate Quote

To start off I do everything I can to arrive at the agreed upon time. Your time and schedule is important to me. Due to traffic or multiple jobs if there will be a change I will contact you as soon as possible.

During the quote I personally walk with you so I can be show any spaces you would or would not like to be cleaned. For any specific stains I will be as accurate as I can to let you know if I will be able to remove the stain, might be able to remove the stain or if re-dyeing / replacement would be required.

2. Moving Furniture

Prepping the space is very important before I start to clean. Easily movable items are placed in another non carpeted pace. This could be a hallway, kitchen or garage. For larger items that have wood or metal legs I place tabs underneath the legs to prevent moisture to transfer.

3. Carpet Trimming

Your carpets need a hair cut once in a while. :) But no they truly do. As a carpet ages carpet strands and fibers can sick further out and look very bad. If the fibers are left in place walking and general use will gradually pull them further and make the damage worse. If they are pulled on ... DONíT PULL ON THEM :D ... a hole line of carpet can be permanently damaged.

What I do is literally crawl on my hands and knees looking for stray fibers and trim each fiber with specialty designed carpet scissors. My key is to cut slightly below the carpet height. Your carpets will look a lot better and be less prone to future damage.

4. Professional Vacuum

It is important to vacuum your carpets regularly. The reason is dirt and grime left in your carpet act similar to sandpaper. When walked on this can affectively grind and prematurely ware out your carpet. Vacuuming Before I professionally clean your carpets is even more important. When dry dirt and soil is hit with hot water some of the natural resins are released and set potential stains. I have all the tools and technique to remove the most challenging stains. Although if I can remove a good potion of dirt with a professional vacuum, I will.

5. Clean Equipment & Clean Tech

Bringing clean equipment into a home is a must. It does not do any good to smear soil load from other carpets onto yours. This is why I clean my equipment regularly inside and out. It is common for me to do a full cleaning on all of my equipment daily. As for me your technician I ware shoe covers or special indoor only shoes to clean your carpets. Wet carpets are very affective at attracting new dirt and dirty shoes would just work against me.

6. Specific Stains

If there are any specific stains that require a unique cleaning process I start with these first. This could be wine, wax, urine, ink, oil, etc... Cleaning the big stuff first makes for a more efficient workflow.

7. Pre-Spray

Time allows for the solution to work harder and this also allows me to use a calmer solution that is more gentle on your carpets. I usually let pre-spray sit for at least 10 minuets. For most areas I usually use little to no pre solution. I can do this because my powerful rotary jet extraction equipment does a phenomenal job with just hot pure water.

8. Agitation

After the pre-spray is down I give the carpets a quick brush with a tool specially designed to agitate carpets. This allows the solution to reach and saturate all portions of the stain. For light spots a once over is fine but for heavy spots I scrub back and forth multiple passes.

9. Hot Water Rotary Jet Extraction

My favorite part :) Now that everything has been prepared I can now professionally clean. Dirty carpet looks clean and like new again. Carpet needing just a light cleaning will be revived and lifted to a full and soft feel. For every pass with my hot water rotary jet extractor I do two additional dry passes. This will remove additional water and give a fast dry time.

10. Air Mover Train

To reduce the dry time even further I place a air mover in a room after I am finished cleaning. Each air mover is repositioned at least two times to allow for even faster drying. I train up to 5 air movers so each room gets extended dry time. With 5 air movers it is common that the carpets are completely dry to the touch and ready to walk on right away.

11. Furniture Move Back

Now that your carpets are clean and dry I am able to move the furniture back right away. If you would like me to move a pice of furniture to a different location please let me know and I would be happy to honor your request. If furniture legs have wood or metal bottoms I place a tab below. This tab is not 100% necessary, it is just a nice precaution. The tabs can be removed the next day.

12. Grooming The Carpet

At this point your carpets finished. We'll not exactly. Your carpet fibers are facing in every direction. Taking the time to groom the carpet in a specific direction allows the carpet to stand tall and helps maintain it's durability. Another plus is grooming makes your carpets look great.